Top 5 Choker of SMOAOA brand

Top 5 Choker of SMOAOA brand

The SMOAOA brand is renowned in the BDSM community for their high-quality and unique leather collars. Each collar is handmade by skilled artisans who are proud of their craft.

The following are five representative BDSM leather collars of the SMOAOA brand, dedicated to the in-depth exploration of human sexuality and satisfying different desires and feelings of human beings:

1. Siempl- Very elegant and pure design with a metal ring so it is also perfect for the dominant who wants to assert his authority and control over his submissive partner. that is both stylish and functional.


2. Obedi - This collar is designed for submissive partners who want to demonstrate their commitment and devotion to their dominant partner. It is made from soft and comfortable leather and features a locking mechanism that allows the dominant partner to control when the collar can be removed.


3. Bond - This collar is designed for individuals who enjoy bondage and restraint play. Made of a large area of ​​high-quality leather, smooth and soft, even if the whole body is tied up and pulled vigorously, it will not easily cause neck injuries and features sturdy D-rings that can be used to attach restraints and other BDSM accessories.


4. Trian - This collarbone collar features a minimalistic design with a metal ring, making it a simple yet elegant accessory that draws attention to the wearer's collarbone.


5. Gemt - This collar is perfect for individuals who want to show off their style and preferences in a social setting. It is made of a special leather and features decorative elements such as studs, gems, and chains. The decorative collar is both functional and stylish, making it the perfect accessory for any BDSM event.

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